On love at first sight.

IMG_2736I met Logan in 2009 on a Friday night in May at my friend Tiffany’s 21st birthday party. This was quite honestly a party I dragged myself to. It was three weeks before college graduation, and although Tiff and I had been really close our first two years of school, we’d both studied abroad third year and had barely seen each other over the past nine months. However, a birthday’s a birthday, and since it was once of the last times we’d be seeing each other, I knew I needed to go even though at max I’d know a handful of other people there.

Sure enough, I arrived and knew exactly one person besides Tiff (who was busy hosting and taking obligatory shots with every new guest who walked in) and after about a half hour of social awkwardness, I prepared to make my exit. Just before I was about to head out it was time for cupcakes, so I stuck around and ate one standing just outside the kitchen.

I glanced to the left of the kitchen at some boys playing beer pong on the dining room table – and damn near choked on my cupcake. This boy in a tank top and slouchy beanie absolutely took my breath away. He had a perfect jawline [one of my weaknesses], some stubbly facial hair, flawless alabaster skin, amazing eyebrows, great cheekbones, and dark brown hair. Swoon-worthy.

And you know those times where your intuition just steps in and pushes you so strongly you don’t even know what you’re doing until you’re three steps in? As my stomach did back-handsprings, I noticed a girl named Steph sitting watching the beer pong game. She was within striking distance of gorgeous boy, I had met her a handful of times before, and before I knew it I had ditched my cupcake wrapper and made my way over to reacquaint myself.


I said hi to Steph and within about thirty seconds, all of a sudden gorgeous boy started talking to me! I was wearing an armful of beaded bracelets, called kandi to ravers [I was and quite honestly always will be one at heart], and he asked “are those kandi?…what kind of music do you like?” I was thrilled that [a] he didn’t think I was a weirdo for wearing these child-like bracelets, and [b] he was at least somewhat knowledgeable of what I was into. I said yes, he introduced himself as Logan, and we started talking, although really for the life of me I can’t remember what we were talking about. During the course of our conversation I learned that he and Steph were roommates, so he was a vouched-for good guy.

Eventually the party decided to go out to the bars, and I decided to not join. The bars in Westwood were pretty bro-filled and not my type of scene, and since I’d turned 21 almost a year ago, they didn’t hold much appeal. Luckily, Logan and Steph also were not interested in going to the bars. We sat out in the apartment complex courtyard and kept chatting. They said that they were going to head back to their house, have some beers, and possibly wander over to a party they’d been invited to in the next building over. Logan invited me to join them and then seemed shocked when I said yes. I called my friend Rachel, who I had plans to meet up with later, and told her where I was going and to call and check on me in a half-hour or so.

The three of us, plus a few more of their friends who lived in the same complex, all wandered back to their building and joked around the whole way. We had beers and did end up going to the party next door, although we ended up mainly sitting outside giggling at this pair of drunk college kids very obviously yet very uncoordinatedly flirting with each other on the dance floor. Logan was incredibly easy to talk to and hang out with, I instantly felt like I had known him for a long time.

Rachel ended up calling me and asking me to come to her house where a bunch of our close friends were hanging out. I had kept up my promise to go to Tiff’s birthday, and had ended up meeting this dream boy, so I figured only good could come from keeping up with my promise of plans with Rachel. I told Logan I had to go but asked if he wanted to come along with me. He said yes [!] and we ambled up the street chatting. We got to Rachel’s and I left him in the living room while Rachel asked me if I liked him in the kitchen. I told her of course yes…truthfully I had fallen head over heels for him about twenty minutes into meeting him.

Eventually we were sitting outside talking and had our first kiss – complete butterflies and fireworks and all that. And truly, from then on, it was history. We spent the entire weekend together, only finally separating on Sunday evening so he could go to work and I could tackle some homework and tell my best friends all about this excitement.


He truly is the love of my life – I could not be happier that we found each other at 22. You might think I’m a wacko, but…we think that we’ve been together as a couple in other lifetimes, but have spent many many reincarnations apart and have only now finally come back together. There’s just this feeling of knowing each other on the deepest energetic level. It’s magic.

Permissions to Myself

I have really been wanting to blog much more, but I seem to have such a mental block about it. I can write in my journal all day, stream of consciousness…well-structured…lists…ideas…etc, but when it comes time to actually put something out into the universe, I freeze. I’m really trying to push myself more so please bear with me if these next few posts seem totally random…I haven’t figured out the focus of this blog [or life] so I’m just going to experiment.

In light of said experimentation:

1. I give myself permission to write about whatever speaks to my soul.

2. I give myself permission to make mistakes.

3. I give myself permission to try new things.

4. I give myself permission to stop planning and strategizing, and just DO.

Go forth, Elise!

Adios, June!

Wow…I can’t quite believe that June has come and gone. It’s been quite a busy month – my birthday, graduation season [and thus lots of work], birthdays, pet-sitting, and reconnecting with Logan.

My birthday was great! Our lovely friends hosted a party for me in Huntington, so that more of our friends local to that area could come. It was exactly what I was hoping for – a bunch of silly time chilling with my favorite group of people. I’m so grateful for them for hosting the party for me! I wasn’t planning on having a party at our house at all, because it’s so far south and so tiny, so it was a great surprise to be able to get together with everyone. I took almost no photos, but luckily some of the girls grabbed me to take a few, and you can see the haircut I treated myself to! I decided to get a pattern shaved into my head, and ended up having the best haircut experience of my life.



The next few weeks after that were filled with graduations – I’ve been working as a photographer’s assistant at various ceremonies around San Diego. It’s great work but there were a number of 12 hour days in a row so it was a little bit exhausting. Then Logan went off to my brother’s bachelor party weekend and I was pet-sitting for a friend.

Chloe is SUCH a cute dog but also is a little slow and doesn’t socialize well with other dogs. She’s a little princess and it was fun having her keep me company while Logs was gone. We took a lot of walks around the neighborhood and I discovered that there’s a tortoise who lives nearby! A TORTOISE! It’s so cute and came over to the fence to say hi to me.

chloe the dog


After Logs returned from the bachelor festivities life got much more back to normal. We’ve had a lot of downtime at the house but it’s been really nice to just have time together instead of constantly running around visiting friends and running errands and doing tons of different things. We realized we haven’t really set aside time to just be together, so we’re making that more of a priority. The best thing though, is that our together time is getting more active, instead of often defaulting to watching TV. [Although we have been watching The Office again and it's been SO nice....it cracks me up more than any other show by far. Season 7 had me in tears all last night.] Our goals have been really aligned together and we’ve been pushing each other to work on our personal pursuits like art, dancing, music, reading, etc.

We made this masterpiece together the other week….both of us were giggling like crazy drawing it:


Don’t even ask…he drew the shape of the weird bat-thing’s head…and I gave it facial features…and we just switched off from there. So much fun, I highly recommend drawing with your significant other sometime!

I’m really looking forward to July and making progress on all my goals…I made myself this big schedule yesterday of my “ideal life” so I’m trying to stick to that and see if what I think I want to do is ACTUALLY aligned with what my heart wants to do. This was the “blog” hour for today, and I’m quite pleased I actually stuck to it. WOOP! Hooray for figuring myself out!

Cheers loves!

Holy wow

Really…where has the time gone? On one hand, I’m shocked that it’s been so long since I’ve posted in here, and on the other, I can absolutely understand myself.

San Diego has been much more of an up-and-down journey than expected. A lot of circumstances seem to be in flux, and things are changing constantly.

My mind right now is primarily devoted to job hunting – and it honestly feels like I have no leftover brain space for much creativity. I’ve been wanting to write and express ideas, share my thoughts with the world…but largely I end the day feeling drained and a little defeated.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve worked at 3 different companies which just ended up not fitting with me for one reason or another. Before this I spent 3 years at my last job, and 3 years at the one before…so this constant change is not my usual MO. It’s made it hard to feel really settled.


Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs



In Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, pictured above, I’ve only got the physiological level and part of the safety level on lockdown. And while I do have a lot of the upper levels, it’s really hard to be fully creative and work on art projects when my brain is telling me to just keep sending out job applications.

[Note: No, I don't think Maslow's theory is 100% correct. I don't believe that there is a hierarchy of importance, or that the needs become less essential as you travel up the pyramid. I do agree with his theory in that it is harder to devote your energy to the higher level needs when food or shelter must take prominence. Click the image for more description of Maslow's theory & some of the critiques.]

I’m turning over a new leaf and not letting myself feel defeated by this process. I think pouring energy into both the job search and my creative passions will prove to be more effective overall. If I’m happier and feeling more fulfilled, I’m going to be more of a magnet for other positive energy to come into my life.

It’s on, life. Get ready, cause I’m about to carpe this and every other diem.

happy birthday dad

Today is my dad’s birthday.

the boys at christmas
[that's Logan, my Uncle Dennis, my dad, and my brother]

Dear Dad,

Thanks for being such a great example to me in life. You’ve taught me how to act properly, how to do the right thing, and how to take care of others. You’re always looking out for us and putting yourself last. I’m glad we’re finally encouraging you to treat yourself a little bit more. You’re one of the smartest and funniest people I know and I always love talking to you. Thanks for all the good advice and for letting me try things out on my own.

You rock.


writer’s block

You guys. I feel like I have the most insane writer’s block in the world right now.

I need to write more in general – more journaling, more lists, more letters, more thoughts. And I definitely need to write more blog posts. To be honest I feel silly because I keep psyching myself out of writing – simply due to the idea of having an audience.

[But how am I going to get an audience if I don't ever put anything out in the world?]



Sorry to get super stream-of-consciousness on you right there but sometimes it’s gotta be done. It’s the best way to get something out of you if you feel bottled up. Have you ever typed on a typewriter? If not, find one, and do so. It’s glorious. It’s all clicks and clacks and ding! and such a vivid and visceral experience that you usually can’t help ending up writing in stream of consciousness. I’m an enthusiast and need to do it more often. It’s just so loud I usually feel bad for my neighbors!


How have you been? I wish I could sit down and have a cup of tea [or coffee, let's be real here] with all of you and ask you how your day was. I want more friend-time in life. I need to make that more of a priority.

Other than being a bit of a hermit the past few weeks, life is pretty awesome. I’ve been running in the morning [short...just a mile loop with a meditation break in the middle!] and doing little workouts as well. I mentioned wanting to really try to get into yoga to my friend Jessica and she lent me a yoga DVD the other day, so I did that this morning. I got a planner that actually works for me. I was trying out all sorts of different formats in 2012 and none of them were a great fit and so I never felt organized. This one is rocking my socks and I’ve been more productive and on top of my stuff this week than almost ever. I’m out and about and meeting new people every day. I’m getting to know my community. I’m crossing things off my to-do list that have been there for almost a full year. Logan and I made a five year plan and I feel more clarity about where we’re headed than ever before. I’m spending more time doing than planning or thinking or stressing or freaking out. It’s great.

The future is awesome and so is the present. The past is perfect too because everything was meant to happen to bring you to this present place. This is where you were meant to be.



**and yes I know the top bit of this post is bonkers but I’m just going to leave it, aight? :)

Thrift Shop

Hola internet! I’m working on this awesome post for ya with some social media tips&tricks but my old laptop fried itself and took Photoshop and all the photos I was working on with it. I’ve been sneaky-using the computers at my husband’s school for Photoshop purposes but I can’t go every day so it’s taking awhile.

In the meantime, here’s something totally dope for you to snack on.

My cousin sent this to me and holy smokes it’s amazing. Definitely NSFW but take a listen on those headphones. You’ll be jamming out in no time. SO GOOD!


Pretty cloud picture goes here!

One of the best things about growing up is that every step you take helps build your confidence. The first step is hard….sometimes damn near impossible, but the second one is infinitely easier. Then the third is easier still, until eventually you’re effortlessly gliding around.

Each step makes the next ones seem less scary. And I know, that if I just keep focused on going one step at a time, the path will unfold exactly as it’s meant to.

New Space, New Place

Logan and I moved to San Diego two months ago. I was pretty sure it was a good decision but I thought the same thing about LA before I moved there so I wasn’t entirely confident in myself.

America’s Finest Timelapse from XOXO Wedding Studio on Vimeo.

The first few weeks were tough because the place we were staying didn’t end up being quite what we expected. It was a bit of a scramble to find an apartment but things just ended up falling into place.

We could not love our apartment more. It’s downstairs, has a backyard, awesome and friendly neighbors, and is exactly in our dream location. We can walk to the farmers market and to bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Everyone we’ve met down here has been so friendly. The vibe is so much more open and welcoming. I find myself randomly speaking to people more than I ever did before…I end up making friends at the cafes where I go to do work. It’s a place where I really feel like I can find my tribe. I’m excited to make more friends and bring more amazing souls into my world.

The sky is so huge and open here too. I feel limitless. I’d been noticing how amazing the sky was for the first few weeks down here, and then I read an article that described my feeling perfectly. It’s an article about Burning Man, and the expansive feeling you get on the playa, and after reading it I realized that I was feeling the same way down here.

Leah Lamb writes:

The open space sets the tone for expansion, with the promise of nothing to hinder your ideas, self expression or dreams and fantasies, except for the elements of the heat of the day, the cold of night, or the white clouds of dust that settles in your eyes, nose and lungs.

I’m in a total state of transition right now. I’m trying to figure out my purpose and my passions and I feel like I am growing and changing every day. I think that the universe was pulling me to San Diego so that I can expand to my maximum potential, with nothing to hold me back.

I think LA held a lot of mental blocks for me – about how you were supposed to dress and where you were supposed to go party and who you were supposed to hang out with. People spend a lot of their energy concerned with what everyone around them is doing, and the constant side-eyed stares made me hyperaware of my actions. In San Diego I have no set plan in mind, no expectation for myself. I’m allowing myself to be guided by my heart and I’m following whatever directions my internal compass is giving me.

I’m so much more present and aware these days. It’s hard sometimes because I feel my emotions way more powerfully, but it’s such a good change and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Sending love & light & laughter to all of you.

lessons from lightning – part 3 [the end!]

How are you?? Splendid I hope! :)

This is the last part of my lessons learned at Lightning in a Bottle, check out part 1 and 2 if you haven’t already.

So I’d been learning to feel grateful for things and to really focus on gratitude instead of any negatives. And that included learning to be grateful for myself. Then the next day I learned that even if I wasn’t yet at the level I wanted to be, there was nothing wrong with the level I was at, I was perfect already.

Be Nice to Yourself print[print here]

As this realization hit me and we continued our merry way about the festival, I was able to see SO clearly the importance of being grateful for yourself as you are right at this instant. The people that looked the happiest were the ones that looked totally content with themselves. They were content with themselves, and I could tell that they paid no attention to if people were watching them or noticing them. They weren’t putting on a show for anyone, they were just BEING THEM.

You're prettiest when you're happy image[via]

This related to a comment that I had made to Logan on our first day of the festival…I had expressed feeling anxious over what to wear. I was worried about what I was wearing because I wanted to attract the right kind of people and I was worried about having people make incorrect assumptions about me because of what I was wearing. I was talking to him and he said “why don’t you dress for YOU instead of for other people?” Even that for me was a big “oh, DUH!” moment. I realized that if I dressed for myself, instead of trying to create some ideal image, I’d be more comfortable and my true self would be more likely to come out. [And this was totally true. Once I was wearing something I felt totally comfortable in, I stopped thinking about what I was wearing and just WAS.]

We were out about and dancing to some amazing tunes and I kept looking at everyone around me and I could see how comfortable everyone felt. I saw this 20-ish-year-old fellow wandering around spinning poi totally into whatever new trick he was testing out…and looking totally happy. He was completely unaware that anyone was watching him, and was thus totally unconcerned with how he was looking and definitely unconcerned with how anyone else was perceiving him. I saw these two best friends grooving to the music completely into the bass and blissful. I saw people of all walks of life looking beautiful, because they were just HAPPY and FREE to be themselves. And everyone was so full of love that they were able to express it all outward, and create this awesome supportive community. No one was detracting from anyone else. It was gorgeous.

Perks of Being a Wallflower quoteI actually found this quote online the day before we left for the festival and put it in my notebook. It hit home for me when I was looking at everyone being so beautiful and happy and realizing that it took nothing away from my own beauty and happiness. Perfect. [Spoiler: I cried again.]

So, this is a very long story about some things I realized while at a music festival. But for me the process worked like this: I had to be grateful for what I had, and realized I should be grateful for myself. I started appreciating myself for everything – every halfway-developed skill, every ounce of my body, every too-loud laugh and outburst. And because I was content with myself, I was able to just do ME and not worry about myself being too much or too weird for other people to handle.

Go out, go forth, do YOU! Because no one else can play that role as well as you can.


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