New Space, New Place

Logan and I moved to San Diego two months ago. I was pretty sure it was a good decision but I thought the same thing about LA before I moved there so I wasn’t entirely confident in myself.

America’s Finest Timelapse from XOXO Wedding Studio on Vimeo.

The first few weeks were tough because the place we were staying didn’t end up being quite what we expected. It was a bit of a scramble to find an apartment but things just ended up falling into place.

We could not love our apartment more. It’s downstairs, has a backyard, awesome and friendly neighbors, and is exactly in our dream location. We can walk to the farmers market and to bars, restaurants, and cafes.

Everyone we’ve met down here has been so friendly. The vibe is so much more open and welcoming. I find myself randomly speaking to people more than I ever did before…I end up making friends at the cafes where I go to do work. It’s a place where I really feel like I can find my tribe. I’m excited to make more friends and bring more amazing souls into my world.

The sky is so huge and open here too. I feel limitless. I’d been noticing how amazing the sky was for the first few weeks down here, and then I read an article that described my feeling perfectly. It’s an article about Burning Man, and the expansive feeling you get on the playa, and after reading it I realized that I was feeling the same way down here.

Leah Lamb writes:

The open space sets the tone for expansion, with the promise of nothing to hinder your ideas, self expression or dreams and fantasies, except for the elements of the heat of the day, the cold of night, or the white clouds of dust that settles in your eyes, nose and lungs.

I’m in a total state of transition right now. I’m trying to figure out my purpose and my passions and I feel like I am growing and changing every day. I think that the universe was pulling me to San Diego so that I can expand to my maximum potential, with nothing to hold me back.

I think LA held a lot of mental blocks for me – about how you were supposed to dress and where you were supposed to go party and who you were supposed to hang out with. People spend a lot of their energy concerned with what everyone around them is doing, and the constant side-eyed stares made me hyperaware of my actions. In San Diego I have no set plan in mind, no expectation for myself. I’m allowing myself to be guided by my heart and I’m following whatever directions my internal compass is giving me.

I’m so much more present and aware these days. It’s hard sometimes because I feel my emotions way more powerfully, but it’s such a good change and I’m excited to see what comes next.

Sending love & light & laughter to all of you.

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One thought on “New Space, New Place

  1. I’m so happy for you and wish you all the best. San Diego doesn’t have the same cast system as LA and should suite you well. Let me know what you are up to and stay in touch. Barry

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