writer’s block

You guys. I feel like I have the most insane writer’s block in the world right now.

I need to write more in general – more journaling, more lists, more letters, more thoughts. And I definitely need to write more blog posts. To be honest I feel silly because I keep psyching myself out of writing – simply due to the idea of having an audience.

[But how am I going to get an audience if I don't ever put anything out in the world?]



Sorry to get super stream-of-consciousness on you right there but sometimes it’s gotta be done. It’s the best way to get something out of you if you feel bottled up. Have you ever typed on a typewriter? If not, find one, and do so. It’s glorious. It’s all clicks and clacks and ding! and such a vivid and visceral experience that you usually can’t help ending up writing in stream of consciousness. I’m an enthusiast and need to do it more often. It’s just so loud I usually feel bad for my neighbors!


How have you been? I wish I could sit down and have a cup of tea [or coffee, let's be real here] with all of you and ask you how your day was. I want more friend-time in life. I need to make that more of a priority.

Other than being a bit of a hermit the past few weeks, life is pretty awesome. I’ve been running in the morning [short...just a mile loop with a meditation break in the middle!] and doing little workouts as well. I mentioned wanting to really try to get into yoga to my friend Jessica and she lent me a yoga DVD the other day, so I did that this morning. I got a planner that actually works for me. I was trying out all sorts of different formats in 2012 and none of them were a great fit and so I never felt organized. This one is rocking my socks and I’ve been more productive and on top of my stuff this week than almost ever. I’m out and about and meeting new people every day. I’m getting to know my community. I’m crossing things off my to-do list that have been there for almost a full year. Logan and I made a five year plan and I feel more clarity about where we’re headed than ever before. I’m spending more time doing than planning or thinking or stressing or freaking out. It’s great.

The future is awesome and so is the present. The past is perfect too because everything was meant to happen to bring you to this present place. This is where you were meant to be.



**and yes I know the top bit of this post is bonkers but I’m just going to leave it, aight? :)

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One thought on “writer’s block

  1. Absolute best solution to any “creative block” that I’ve encountered: Jot down 50 bad ideas. No one thinks in that realm – too scary. You’re bound to find a golden idea just outside the “box”! Works with everything!

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