I’m Elise, nice to meet you! I made a resolution in 2012 to seriously focus on being present in my life and in everything I’m doing, and it’s been an amazing transition and journey ever since. I love music, art, exploration, self-growth, long chats, patience, dancing, joy, hooping, motivation, and meeting new people.

I studied anthropology at UCLA – the study of how our cultural framework influences our interactions and worldview is absolutely fascinating to me. I was also a French minor and studied abroad in Bordeaux, France, followed by an incredible summer backpacking through Europe. I couch-surfed alone 90% of the time and met fantastic people who gave me the insider view of the cities I was visiting. It was an eye-opening adventure and further cemented my love of travel and new experiences.

I met the love of my life completely out of the blue three weeks before graduating from school. It’s been bliss ever since and we got married at Burning Man in 2011. We currently live in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Want to get in touch or recommend a great spot for tacos? Please give me a shout 🙂

elisevictoriasmith [at] gmail [dot] com


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